Adjunct professor -Utica College. Co-author, When The Psychology Professor Met The Minister, with Reverend Patty Furino.

How I knew that my deceased mother, Sadie, would welcome my daughter Jeannine home after her death

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Recently, my thoughts gravitated to a day in mid-February of 2002. I was walking briskly, anxious to get to the oncology unit where my daughter Jeannine had received one of her last chemotherapy treatments. As I was walking, my eyes darted to a hospital room on the left. In there…

How this movie helped me find my voice in early grief after the death of my daughter

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Mystic River is a movie that premiered in 2003 and featured an all-star cast of Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Marcia Gay Harden, Lawrence Fishburne, and Kevin Bacon. What follows is a plot summary from Mystic River’s Wikipedia page:

In the first scene of the movie, three boys — Jimmy Markum…

Memories of my first father-daughter rock concert. It was also the start of a new chapter in our relationship.

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When my daughter, Jeannine, was twelve years old, she went through what I called “the wilderness phase” in her growth and development. She began to act out behaviorally, testing limits and boundaries that me and my wife, Cheri, had established in our home. Because of my background in human services…

Dave Roberts

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